Werewolves and the Mafia

About a year and a half ago, I learned of the game Werewolf.  It is also called Mafia.  (It is the same game but in two different genres.). Werewolf is a party game for one impartial moderator and seven or more players.  Each player is a villager in a little hamlet being plagued by werewolves!  The game alternates between day and night cycles.

Each night, the werewolves choose a victim to kill.  Each day, the villagers choose a suspected werewolf to Lynch!  When the game begins, everyone gets randomly assigned their role.  In a 7-player game there will be two Werewolves, three normal villagers, and one Seer and one Protector.  The Seer and Protector are villagers with special powers.

A Seer gets to select one player and they learn from the Moderator whether their target is on the side of the Werewolves or on the side of the Village.  The Protector also chooses a target each night and that person is safe from Werewolf attacks.

The game can take about half an hour to play.  Nights go quickly but the Days are filled with accusations as all of the players insist that they are villagers to avoid being lynched!  There are many specialized characters that have been added to the base werewolf/villager/seer/protector roles — so each game is a unique challenge!

Werewolf Roles

Various Roles in Werewolf

Two weeks ago I discovered the Werewolves website.  The site automates and hosts the game as a free service.  If the game sounds interesting to you then you may want to give the site a try.  Or if we’re together with a lot of others just let me know and we can play!

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