Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Christ

Some Christian parents feel that including Santa and the Easter Bunny in their Christmas and Easter celebrations is acceptable and others do not.  Christine and I tell our sons that some gifts are from Santa or that the Easter Bunny left a basket — we don’t see a problem with it.

I know other parents that feel that as a kid grows out of Santa and the Easter Bunny that they may wonder what other lies they may have been told.  The thought being that this could lead to another unseen entity being questioned — namely Jesus.

It is very important to Christine and me that DW and Patrick know and love God.  I feel that my role in this is to encourage the boys to understand who God is and the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  But I feel (from my own experience) that this is as much as I can do.  Ultimately, the relationship is between God and the individual.  A parent can encourage or discourage a relationship, but cannot create or prevent one.

Back to Santa and the Easter Bunny…  There is what I know and what I hope…  I know that the boys see Christine and me praying daily (both in private and as a family).  I also know that they only hear about Santa and the Bunny around those holidays.  I hope that when they are big enough to question the existence of Santa and the Bunny that they are also wise enough to see that we have never prayed to them or worshiped them and taken them seriously.

Each parent has their own parenting style.  I definitely respect folks that don’t include Santa and the Easter Bunny in their holidays.  I am just sharing our thoughts on this issue.

Patrick and DW, Easter 2016

Patrick and DW, Easter 2016

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