Roth Family History by Marie Hahn

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Marie Roth Hahn (1897-2002) was the second-youngest sister of Lydia Roth Friederich and the matriarch of that generation of the Roth family. She lived to be 104 years old (and lived in her own little house in Clay Center, KS, past her 100th birthday).

Marie Hahn

Marie Hahn

In 1981, Marie compiled a history of the Roth family, going back to the 1860s, when her parents were born in Germany.

With typing help from Margaret Roth, Marie prepared copies of this history for members of the family. A copy of this document (14 pages in pdf format — may take a few seconds to load) is on-line for you to read now.

Roth Family History by Marie Hahn, 1981