Old News, New Friend, and the Orphan Train

At the beginning of the summer, a post on this site had a comment from Kendra Worthen asking to use some of the information here.  I agreed (asking that she cite the original authors of the material she uses) and was pleased to meet a new (to me) relative.

Since that first conversation, Kendra has shared these clippings, saying:

I recently visited the Orphan Train Museum in Concordia, KS & to my surprise I found Fred Schurle had taken in orphans. I started researching & found John Roth took one (a sister to one that lived with Fred Schurle). The girls were only German speaking & wanted to stay together but I’m not sure why that didn’t happen (probably Fred had enough to care for). According to several other newspaper articles, the girls were together frequently & of course would have been together on Sundays. Below is what I shared with Carroll & Jane.

The Times, 11/16/1911

First Orphan Train Article from The Times, 11/16/1911

Orphan Train Article from The Times, 11/23/1911

Second Orphan Train Article from The Times, 11/23/1911


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