LAFFhouse Goes Live AND a Biography of Charles Friederich (aka Dad)

My father took a look at what I’ve done so far and gave his consent to switch LAFFhouse over from the

Charles Friederich and Grandson

Charles Friederich and Grandson

original layout to this new look and feel.  (For more on why we made this change, just read this post.)

We have traditional LAFFhouse content from the old site — like my grandfather Fred Friederich’s interview, my grandmother Lydia Friederich’s memoirs, and Marie Hahn’s history of the Roth family.  And as a special treat, we have all new content — the Biography of Charles E. Friederich!

So have fun browsing the site.  Contributors are desperately wanted – so if you have anything you want to share (blog posts, pictures, movies, songs, etc.) then this is the place to do it!  Just send me an email through the Contact page and I’ll set you up!

And now I’ll leave you with one fun little bit of Charles Friederich history…  …the time he was sued for $2,000,000!

Charles Friederich Sued

Charles Friederich and the Milwaukee Journal Sued

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