Christine’s Birthday, Part One

Christine and I went to Door County to celebrate her birthday weekend.  (Niece Julia was taking care of the boys so the two of us could have a nice getaway together.)  Christine had never been there before and I hadn’t been there since I was a child.

I had to take this picture…  When Christine was a child, she would call any small cliff of rocks a “mountain.”  So this is Christine on a Mountain.  🙂

Christine and the Mountain

Christine and the Mountain

Our first stop (as we went to our hotel in Sister Bay) was at a Flea Market.  DW would love the rocks they made with REAL spiderwebs.  Apparently they spray painted real webs white and then passed the rocks carefully through them to make these…

Spider Web Art

Spider Web Art

We had lunch at the Viking.  I thought it was a bit of a dive — but with great food!  (But dirty glasses — so we stuck to bottled beverages.)  After that, we checked into our room at the Liberty Lodge.  A great place that I DO recommend!

They told us of a Mexican place to go to for a quick dinner.  I found a parking space one door down at the Waterfront and we ended up having a magnificent dinner there.

Sister Bay, WI

Sister Bay, WI

The next day was Christine’s birthday.  We started with a bit of shopping.  There was a place that made a lot of wind chimes and other wind-based art.  Here’s a sculpture that I knew DW would enjoy!

The main event was her birthday dinner!  Christine loves fish and seafood — so I took her to Door County to experience a Fish Boil!  You may recall that the first meal we had in Door County was at the Viking…  …that restaurant invented the Fish Boil as a spectacle…  an attraction.

The Viking’s owner’s son has moved on from helping his father to owning his own restaurant — Pelletier’s.  They have fish boils every half hour — so that the diners may see two to three “boil overs” as they enjoy their dinner,

A Fish Boil is basically a meal of…  well…  boiled fish.  They start by adding potatoes and onions to a large kettle of water and 10 pounds of salt:

Fish Boil Kettle

Fish Boil Kettle

After 20 minutes or so, they add the fish:

Fish Basket

Fish Basket

The fish cooks for 10 minutes.  The hot water extracts the oil from the fish — bringing it to the surface of the boiling kettle.  At the right time, the boil-master tosses kerosene on the fire!

Fish Boil - Kerosene

Fish Boil – Kerosene

Kerosene + Fire = Boom

Fish Boil - Boom part 1

Fish Boil – Boom part 1

The kerosene brings a boil-over — so all of the oils (which give fish their fishy taste) are boiled over the kettle and into the flame.  This leaves the fish yummy without tasting gamey.

Fish Boil - Boom part 2

Fish Boil – Boom part 2

When the boil over completes, they remove the fish, potatoes and onions.

Fish Boil - Show's Over

Fish Boil – Show’s Over

That just leaves eating!  Christine loved it (and we plan on going to fish boils quite regularly now)!

Fish Boil - Yum!

Fish Boil – Yum!

After that, we returned to our hotel and enjoyed a night restring in their gazebo.  At one point we danced to the song from our first dance after getting married.  We just enjoyed the day.

Dave and Christine in the Gazebo

Dave and Christine in the Gazebo

On our final day, we toured several lighthouses…  I guess I will leave this as a cliffhanger for a post about that experience!

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